The heart of a thoroughbred with the soul of a mudder.

The ultimate all-road endurance machine. Atypical of the breed, ViSTA was designed and engineered to ride longer, faster, pairing discovery on any road surface with performance. Developed for those who roam as much as race, ViSTA unlocks roads less traveled, rendering possible what was once considered inaccessible.
The Factor ViSTA; the heart of a thoroughbred with the soul of a mudder.

ViSTA Chassis

Factor Bikes sells system-integrated chassis, comprised of frame, fork, barstem, seatpost, bottom bracket, headset and a “pizza box” of components and accessories. Why a chassis? To control all the touch points a rider has with the road to ensure our world-renowed Factor ride quailty.

Colors Available:
Hunter Green, Stone Grey & CHPT 3 Devesa

Brake Options:
Disc Brake

Gravel Worlds Winner 2019

The ViSTA was ridden to victory at the 2019 Gravel Worlds by John Borstelmann representing the Panaracer Factor pb bx team. It was also piloted to second place by Factor Ambassador Eric Marcotte.

Go faster, further

With exhaustive development and testing of the ViSTA’s carbon layup, Factor’s engineers designed carbon layups optimized to mitigate shock and enhance off-road vibration absorption.

To ensure a smooth and stable ride, the specifically optimized seatstays, along with the upper portion of the downtube and fork legs, contribute to comfortable and controlled riding over long distances.

Maintaining Factor’s characteristic torsional BB stiffness, the ViSTA features our continuous downtube-to-chainstay “power-drive” construction. The ViSTA uses it’s torsionally stiff headtube-downtube junction along with its OTIS AR external fork and barstem to provide excellent front wheel tracking and cornering precision for confidence-inspiring descending.

Hunter Green

Stone Grey

ONE Total Integration System

Standing for ONE Total Integration System, the OTIS design delivers excellent steering accuracy, and ease of setup while hiding all cables and brake hoses internally. The ViSTA features an all-road optimized version of this system. Not just tested in the lab, the initial prototype components saw many miles under aggressive riders and conditions to arrive at the final carbon layup and material selection. The fork legs’ carbon layup has been optimised for shock and vibration absorption while remaining torsionally stiff thanks to the external, double clamp design and solid barstem connection.

Flat-backed Seatpost

The flat-back ViSTA AR seatpost profile offers enhanced compliance compared to a round seatpost, while the elaborated long fiber carbon layup avoids bobbing under power.

Power Drivetrain

The continuous downtube-to-chainstays structure provides minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain efficiency. A BBright bottom bracket shell and asymmetric wide downtube deliver torsional stiffness while allowing plenty of tyre clearance..

Optimized Seatstays

The seat stays are designed to absorb the irregularities of the road. The thin section and upper curvature of the seat stays, as well as the fine-tuned carbon layup, soak up the small bumps and cracks to increase tyre traction and control.


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